Over the past 40 years we have completed many projects where an element of third party equipment and systems have been part of the scope of supply and /or installation programme. 

Kensal Integration putting the jigsaw pieces together with quality manufacturing in the UK

It may have have been a labeller, a filler-capper or a robot packer, all of which have demanded the highest quality of integration into the production line process.

We specialise in the design , layout and integration of the critical links between your capital equipment, namely the conveyor product carriers.

These must have proportional speed designed in to cater for the ramp- ups / downs of todays modern machine systems.

We advise, propose and project manage all the elements to bring all the systems into play, on time and within budget.

Kensal also has extensive experience in the supply of conveying systems combined with end of line palletisers working closely with our systems partners LITA and KUKA robotics.

We believe that in order to integrate you must have close working relationships between all the relevant disciplines, project management, electrical and mechanical departments as well as close liaision with key project leaders on both sides of the project.

This effective communication and total overview for all aspects of your important project makes us an "integrator" with market references of the highest calibre.


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