Palletising Systems

Our palletising system partner LITA (Italy) has worked closely with Kensal over the past decade for the supply of palletising systems into many of our clients.

We have many installation references across the broad spectrum of food and drinks companies here in the UK and in Europe.

Lita Palletiser by Kensal Handling for the food & beverage industry

Case Palletiser - Alto

Automatic high level sweep type pack palletiser. Solid and versatile range of machines, designed for high production rates, and automatic changeovers. This system is simple and "operator friendly".


Very strong main frame with 2 columns, supporting one vertical chain driven carriage, pack in-feed and collation conveyor to present incoming product in the correct position from transfer to the pallet. Two mechanically operated pushers, one to sweep the collated row onto the transfer table, the second sweeps the product onto the loading station. Pallet loading station, complete with perimeter guides mechanically driven and controlled in position. Centrally opening shutter to deposit product onto the pallet, to get perimeter alignment of packs. Integral accumulation of 1.5 layers of products inside. Anti fall device for lift carriage. Pallet conveyor suitable for fork lift truck unloading. 15 pallet capacity pallet de-stacker, to store, separate and dispense a single pallet. Integral electrical enclosure cabinet CE compliant, and control panel complete with operator interface.

Optional Equipment
  • Automatic pallet size changeover
  • Layer card inserter, utilising a swing arm and vacuum cup head, with adjacent storage
  • Double infeed available for higher speed multi pallet shuttle system to load up to 4 products coming from 4 different lines
  • Accumulation conveyors for incoming product, on request
  • Centering system for use when handling plastic crates
Technical Data
  • Pallet size: 800 x 1000 / 1000 x 1200
  • Pallet height: 2000mm. Max
  • Layer weight: 300kg. Max
  • Electrical supply: 400v. / 50Hz
  • Installed power: 8.5 to 14kw
  • Air supply: 6 Bar
  • Air Consumption: 100 to 180 NI / Min
  • Pack dimensions: Min. 210 x 140 x 120h / Max. 500 x 400 x 350h
  • Speed Alto: Up to 45 packs per min (*)
  • Speed Alto-M: Up to 40 packs per min (*)
  • Speed Alto-DE: Up to 70 packs per min (*)
  • Speed Alto-DEM: Up to 60 packs per min (*)

*dependant on pack and pallet

Please Note: 

Different footprint configurations are available.

Not binding technical data.

For further information on this and other models, please contact our sales department on 01582 425  777, or go to our contact us page.

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